A Sample set list


This is a small example of songs we currently perform.

What I Like About You    The Romantics

Pump It Up                         Elvis Costello

It's My Life                   Talk Talk

 Just What I Needed           The Cars

I Ran                      Flock of Seagulls

Tush                                         ZZTop

She Sells Sanctuary             The Cult

Everybody                     Tears for Fears

Jenny Jenny                 Tommy TuTone

Brown Sugar                Rolling Stones

Funky Music                 Wild Cherry

Melt With You              Modern English

Take On Me                        A-Ha

Don't You Forget        Simple Minds

Run To You                  Bryan Adams

White Wedding           Billy Idol

Crazy Little Thing         Queen

In A Big Country          Big Country

Don't Forget Me          Glass Tiger

Long Train Running  Doobie Brothers

Jessies Girl                Rick Springfield 

Heroes                               David Bowie

Day Tripper                    The Beatles 

Here For A Good Time   Trooper

Power of Love                Huey Lewis 

Don't Change                       Inxs

Mary Janes last Dance     Tom Petty